September 12, 2009

fly fishing big thompson

we went on a little road trip to go fly fishing with our friends matt and april
(who recently got hitched at planet bluegrass ranch in lyons, CO this summer. it was seriously the raddest wedding i've been a guest at, to date. they really know how to have a good time!)

matt was kind enough to let us borrow his fly rods
(he used to be a guide and is quite the experienced fisherman)

matt, luke, and myself (way down yonder)
this was our first experience fly fishing! we tried this place out for a bit and then headed towards the big thompson river in estes park

just a little outdoor humor

once we stopped, i couldn't believe how beautiful and peaceful our surroundings were. i had never been to estes park before or near big thompson. there is a famous story about the big thompson river that 145 people were killed in a major flood on July 31st, 1976. eery to think about!

luke was in heaven

 i think he looks like a natural, don't you?

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