June 10, 2010

fly fishing the south platte river

we took a drive down south near deckers, CO so luke could do some fly fishing with his new rod from orvis. our friend matt, fly fishing enthusiast, gave luke some pointers on the best spots for good biting and less crowds

it was a beautiful drive, winding along the river and seeing interesting things along the way

after driving along and stopping here and there, we found a nice secluded spot

we are so happy to finally have boulevard beers available in denver at our local wine store, corks. i insisted on bringing some zon summer beer along

have you ever heard of lilypond? they have the greatest bags for women. the bottoms are hard like a cooler and perfect for any outdoor lifestyle. see my other handbag here. lilypond stemmed from fishpond, a fishing gear company based out of kansas city and colorado

i wonder if this little guy will be eaten by a trout sooner or later?


this is truly a man in his happy place!
(and don't worry, we recycled our bottles and didn't litter in the river)

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