January 17, 2011

toting my dirty clothes in style

before i moved to NYC from Denver, i took a sewing 101 refresher course @ fancy tiger (DARLING fabric and yarn boutique) with my whole foods floral co-worker, K8tie. i then purchased mabel from a sweet old lady and vowed to be, to do, and to make! here is my first attempt, 4 months later
gathered materials from purl soho (my favorite boutique in NYC for stirring up my creative energy) to create my oversized laundry bag. project taken from amy butler's "in stitches" book

my gold handled gingher shears. cut like butter!

gingher stork embroidery scissors. perfect for snipping!

popples kept me company and inspected all materials

luke tested the durability of my self-made drawstring

mabel did me proud and worked like a charm

TA-DA! holds 2-3 loads quite comfortably. now i can walk the 7 blocks to the launderette proudly with my homemade underwear transporter!

mugsy, our roommate dave's miniature chinese shar pei, and yes, he has the cutest little furry manatee face you've ever seen, does he not?!



Shanna said...

Cute pup, but even cuter bag! If I end up in Chicago soon (I applied for a job today!!!) and have to schlep my undies to the wash-n-fold, I'm totally stealing your idea.

Terri said...

WAY TO GO Ang!! I LOVE it! So cute! (And yes, Mugsy does have the cutest little face EVER!) :)

Nicky said...

You're a professional... check out that bag!!!! I hemmed curtains for my grandparents yesterday and was so intimidated to get started. It wasn't that bad, once I just did it! Hope they hang straight!!! Cute wrinkly pup!