June 12, 2011

bourbon and branch

a month before we left for california, i made reservations at bourbon and branch. have you ever been to a modern speakeasy? our first experience at one was here in new york at please don't tell in the east village. luke and i loved the novelty of it right away. pricey and pretentious? maybe, but the older i get, the more i enjoy a guaranteed place to sit and a bar that's quiet enough that i don't need to shout over loud obnoxious music. and the drinks? FANTASTIC. see below for our cocktail picks at bourbon and branch. they did not disappoint and were truly worth every penny.
kansas city peeps should check out manifesto on main!

there is no sign, just a door with a buzzer and you have to know the password to be let inside. the only indication we had was a security guard standing nonchalantly on the sidewalk nearby. sadly, there are no pictures allowed AT ALL inside. do you know how difficult it was for me to refrain? B&B is seriously one of the most amazing drinking establishments i've ever been in. character oozes from everywhere. even the way the staff dresses is completely authentic and doesn't feel remotely cheesy or over the top. to be honest, i wish i had dressed up a bit as the overall atmosphere felt super sexy and exclusive. when the hostess opened a large, swinging, library bookshelf door to a hidden bar in the back, i seriously cooed like a baby! i could go on and on about distressed mirrors and the roaring 20's, but you just need to go experience it for yourself. seriously. 

the drinks!
bourbon and branch pride themselves on their amazing concoctions and they use cask, a local SF beverage purveyor, to source most of their spirits. the menu is beyond unbelievable.

my drinks

(slightly sweet and slightly herbal) 
gin - elderflower - chartreuse - lime

The Naughty Sundress
(peachy with a bite) 
old tom gin - manzanilla sherry - elderflower liqueur - basil eau de vie - peach Bitters

luke's drinks

Frank Lloyd Wright
(smoky and super manly)
bourbon - pear liqueur - nocino walnut liqueur - smoky islay whiskey - old fashioned bitters

The Carthusian
(herbal and spicy)
rye whiskey - yellow chartreuse - orange bitters

with rosy cheeks and tipsy heads, we strolled back to nob hill to hit the hay and gear up for another lovely day in SF


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Tales of a young mamma said...

Looks like you guys had SUCH an amazing time!