June 30, 2011

inaugural smorgasburg

back on May 21st, (i am WAY behind on blogging) we hopped on the L train to the williamsburg waterfront in brooklyn. we were psyched to experience the very first smorgasburg in new york city, a brooklyn flea food market

you can say that again

have you ever literally stopped to smell the roses?

people were joking about the rapture all day, but all i cared about was FOOD

nice view of manhattan

we split a hibiscus lemonade

i had to buy the chocolate chili cashew biscotti and the earl gray sandwich cookies

the original savory spice shop is in denver and was right across the street from where luke and i lived. i loved buying dried morels and indian curry there. when i saw they had a booth at the smorg, i shrieked with happiness!

these were suprisingly tasty. light, airy and sweet. not hard and crunchy like corn-nuts

i love anything korean! did you know i'm half korean? well, i am

of course i bought the bohemain forest rub after sampling
it contains crushed brown mustard seed, garlic, rosemary, black pepper, mediterranean thyme, savory, parsley, lavender, and sage

our favorite snack! remember when we took a pickling class with bob? (he's on the far right)
luke bought the shirt shown here in gray

have you ever had ostrich eggs? i'm curious to try something made with them

mmm, jerky. another item added to our market bag

Justin, pictured here with his brother, is a mutual acquantaince from Kansas City. he's a chef and has worked with Jean-Georges Vongerichten for 10 years.
he is opening his wood-fire restaurant in Clinton Hill this fall!

he dishes up some excellent mozz balls, so of course we had to take one home for some insalata caprese

serious (drool-worthy) condiments

now that's the way to eat fresh mozz on a summer day in new york city

Japanese octopus balls with pork sausage, potato and shrimp filling

luke has a major weakness for oysters

these cold sesame noodles are based on the recipe of Shorty Tang, famed for his version of these noodles in Chinatown in the 1970's. now his sons are bringing them back. they ran out of noodles and had to close down to get more!

farm fresh herbs
nice mobile greenhouse, huh?

nutella crepes=genius

luke and i shared our first lobster roll, connecticut style
(hot and drenched in butter on a toasted bun)
oh man, so decadent!

grilled pork and vermicelli
from the Vietnamese pop-up BẾP, which was also serving up coconut milk infused corn

i think this was my favorite dish of the day

mmm, coconut water

rapture dogs, get 'em before you're gone!

i sampled this and some kimchi butter. zesty stuff!

we tried their apple-ginger soda. cold and refreshing!

kumquat cupcakery has the perfect bite-size treats. i get these every time i go to the brooklyn flea. my favorite flavors are the lemon lavender and the maple bacon (pictured above)

this is for you stacy!
(she does the best impression from 'silence of the lambs'. it's creepy!)

aww, sunflowers *sigh*

coincidentally, the first day of the smorgasburg happened to fall on
(at first this pile of clothes confused me, and then i realized the person had simply vanished)

great view of manhattan from the waterfront

i got this farmer's market tote from williams sonoma in denver. i love the sturdy burlap material and the lone artichoke on the side

the loot
we stocked up on some delicious goodies and can't wait to go back


it's wonderfully weird with it's hippie/hipster vibe.

we are hoping to move there in august!


Dawn said...

Your photos are awesome and I am so glad to know someone with the same appreciation for food that I have. Passion is more like it. I should blog more about it..I am just lazy when it comes to posting and I feel funny taking photos of my food when I am sitting in a restaurant. The rapture clothing post was a riot. I busted out laughing when I saw it. Great capture and love the photo of Luke smelling the rose...great! Dawn xo

Unknown said...

This looks like so much fun! All the food looks delicious...especially that fresh mozzarella. I definitely have to check this out!

Stevie Leigh said...

Looks like a blast! I love "meeting" other bloggers from NYC!

Following :)

- S from Following the Walkers

angela said...

ugh, so much numminess. love these shots!

Jen Estes Lord said...

Hee hee...you said "Octopus balls"