July 18, 2011

adventures nyc in central park

i headed to the park (back on June 25th) to say hi to luke and check out the outdoor festivities for adventures nyc.(remember the rooftop cocktail party for the sponsors we attended?) man, it was steamy out! the sun was blazing and luckily, the rain stayed away for the day (we've had quite a stint of humid, muggy heat/rain here) 

The North Face had so many engaging activities going on

like drawing your favorite outdoor activities

snowcones that were free, but you had to earn them with your energy...

...like biking for 5 minutes...

...and teeter-tottering or see-sawing (however you say it)...

...all to power...the snowcone machine! how cool is that?

pledging to embrace nature and explore

trying out climbing

watching some cool ski moves

hanging out with conrad anker (TNF athlete), justin and luke
(he's climbed everest several times, gah!)

you could pick out a T-shirt design to be screenprinted right in front of you

you could practice setting up a tent

reminders for leaving the earth the way it was when you found it, or better (i call that the girl/boy scout way. or just plain common sense?)

birkenstocks are my favorite comfort shoe, so i had to visit their stand. turned out, the guy working the booth is actually friends/coworkers with our friend from KC that works for birkenstock!

i didn't stick around for the climbing (it was hot and i had errands to run) but was glad that kids in the city could be exposed to it. having lived and worked for TNF in denver, i've seen plenty of cool bouldering/climbing events anyway

you could fish for catfish!

i loved watching the kids and their parents having a go at it

luke had been working since early in the morning, setting everything up with all the crews. i was glad to be able and stop by to get some pictures and show my support for the great outdoors :)

trying to keep cool with dry ice

trying out kayaking, alongside the rowboaters and gondola

so awesome to see all the new yorkers swarming central park and making the most of a sunny, summer day outdoors (don't worry denver, my heart still belongs to the rockies)

what's your favorite thing to do outside?

i miss rowing/crew.
i LOVED being a part of such a powerful team sport. being out on the placid water early in the mornings as the sun was rising=unforgettable


angela said...

i would have gotten way too serious at that catfish pool. i'd be yelling at the kids to get out of my way and let me cast. lol

Jen Estes Lord said...

I love how you could work for a free snowcone, BRILLIANT!

I would have done that like 10 times, I love snowcones!