July 13, 2011

the arsenal

view from 5th avenue

the arsenal in central park has a fascinating history

isn't the drum lantern genius?

view of 5th avenue from the front

i love the fortress-esque design

luke and i were at the arsenal as guests of a cocktail party for all of the sponsors of the 7th annual adventures nyc event in central park (to be held the following day) The North Face was putting on the event with NYC Parks and Rec and Backpacker Magazine. we got to see a lot of familiar people (TNF athletes and employees) that were in town from Colorado!

the upper east side along 5th avenue
looking north at the vast canopy of treetops blanketing the park

we mingled and drank free wine/beer and snacked on amazing asian appetizers from different restaurants in manhattan (okay, for real, i PIGGED OUT!) we also made a few new friends with some local new yorkers and talked with fellow North Face folks.

59th street and 8th avenue
the very south end of central park (southwest corner)

there was a dense misty fog that crept into the city

this is the only way to gain access of the highest tower of the arsenal

the view on the left of us is the corner of 59th and 5th avenue

there was a guest book in a metal box that everyone was signing. proof you found your way to the top (only accessible to employees usually)

check out luke's signature eyebrows

the fog actually made for a cool view

climbing back down that ladder was no easy feat after drinking gobs of wine. i tried to hurry though because we were running late for our dinner date at angelo sosa's restaurant, social eatz.

more on that soon and also pictures of the adventures nyc event!

i hope everyone is having a nice summer, by the way. i can't believe it's half over?
also, i've learned that it doesn't matter what season it is in this city. new yorkers are always sweaty and sticky. when it's winter and you're bundled up like in a christmas story, then it's hot as heck in the crowded subway and the heat in your apartment can seriously cook eggs. in the summer, you walk a block and are perspiring like you just ran a marathon. it feels gross all the time. denver, you have spoiled me rotten with your cool, dry winters and humid-free summers

as usual, TNF handed us a nice swag-bag on our way out
i have so much north face stuff  it's ridiculous!



Terri said...

Wow Ang - you and Luke have done so much ridiculously cool stuff in NYC! The pictures you took from the top are amazing! Can't wait to hear about the rest of the evening (dinner date)! :)

Marie Pech said...

We are trying to do as much as possible! I need to soak up everything before we move again! (someday) :)

Jessica said...

love the arsenal and so very jealous of your trip to the top. lucky girl!