July 19, 2011


lucky rice
i specifically took an afternoon off of work to attend this event in my office building.
i did this for 3 reasons:
1) i'm half korean and am extremely interested in asian cuisine (i LOVE it all!)
2) there was going to be FREE FOOD to sample
3) last but not least, angelo sosa from top chef was going to part of the panel discussion

the panel discussed different ways of making asian cuisines more approachable other than just americanized chinese and sushi.
did you see the video of the gourmet lunch on the L train? it was put on by 2 underground supper clubs in NYC, mike lee (& crew) of studiofeast and a razor, a shiny knife. watch it 

i loved how the panel argued for or against having fusion restaurants that are maybe more mainstream and appealing to the typical american, or choosing to be truly authentic and traditional

the tasting was held out on the rooftop terrace, right in the heart of midtown

viatnamese chicken and vegetarian betel leaves
really tasty!

 check out purple guy in the background

angelo is SO tall in person (aren't tv people supposed to be super tiny in real life?) anyhoo, i said "wow! you're so tall!" when i met him (what a moron) and he laughed and whispered in my ear that he was wearing heels? he was truly humble and fascinating to listen to. very well spoken and a damn genius with asian fusion

he had samples of tomato curry soup from his restaurant social eatz (where we just ate 3 nights prior)
so creamy and spicy!

someone was a little careless with their soup, geez-louise. not me, promise

halo halo "mix mix"
corn, avocado, coconut milk, purple yam, tapioca pearls, macerated strawberries, and crushed ice.
a traditional filipino dessert.
doesn't it sound crazy? when i was waiting in line to get one of these, they actually ran out :( must've been good!

oh em gee, for real. these are shrimp and chicken shu mai dumplings from red farm stand

you better believe i ate about 20 of these. no exaggeration. oh man do i love DIM SUM!

malaysian pork shoulder with peanuts and grits from cafe asean

sooo hearty and scrumptious

'yahm touw pluu' or thai chicken string bean salad from
string beans, steamed chicken, toasted coconut, coconut cream, lime, roasted chili jam, shallot and soft boiled egg
WOW, really good stuff!

seriously, angelo is so tall. or are the thai just small?

they pretty much got wiped out of their string bean chicken salad!

cheryl tan was selling her food memoir, so i had to buy a copy and have her sign it

bon appetit!

cheryl actually had samples of singaporean pineapple tarts, and she ran out, too! dang

to the north of the patio, you could see 59th street and the south end of central park

and up further

and to the south you can almost see bryant park down at 42nd and of course, radio city and rockefeller center

this is where i walk to work every day

i had such a great time and was glad i took the time off so i could mingle, EAT, and soak up my surroundings.



Jen Estes Lord said...

I love your affinity for food and trying new things. I miss you SO much!

LPC said...

What no David Chang? He's the best part of the HBO show, Treme, BTW.

kittenmasks said...

I haven't read "Super True Love Story," but it's on my infinitely long list of books I want to read. Although I have to say that I've been putting it off because I keep associating the novel with Asian exotification, which I can't stomach at all. What are your thoughts on it?