July 10, 2011

renegade craft fair bklyn

i didn't get nearly as many pictures as i would have liked, but had an enjoyable time browsing the many amazing vendors at the renegade craft fair in brooklyn with my kc/denver/nyc friend, eva
(my lens was in danger of the consistent misty rainfall, ALL day long)

my main goal was to find kylie of early jewelry from lawrence, kansas (she founded LOLA). we went to school together in riley, ks (where we are both from) and i had to show my support!

the style of her jewelry is very rustic and in tune with nature. i bought a pair of these awesome earrings, made from middle eastern goat/cow bone.

it continued to rain and pour, so eva and i found refuge inside of peter's on bedford avenue

a simple and cozy, no-nonsense environment

serious southern comfort food. oh man! i had a heaping pile of braised pulled pork smothered over a bed of creamy grits. ultra satisfying on such a cold and rainy renegade day


Nicky said...

Sounds like fun- though the rain could certainly put a damper on a fair! Pulled pork sounds gooood :D (I like it smothered with BBQ sauce!!!)

MellyB said...

I want to see inside those dutch ovens, INSIDE! Southern food = my reason for livin some days. (Don't tell the fam, they get all put out.)

Great pictures!

Pure Ella said...

Sounds great and that is some serious comfort food ;D

Thanks for your sweet comment today - *LOVE U*

Dawn said...

Maybe you should do a column for New York Times about all of the wonderful events you attend. Great photos as I am catching up on your posts. This work thing is keeping me busy. How about this gorgeous weather today. I better take advantage of it. Dawn xo