October 04, 2011

Celery and Celadon

I recently took an Eco Couture floral arranging class at Celery and Celadon in Chelsea. I came home with 2 gorgeous arrangements, a bit more knowledge about the trade, and a happy belly full of cheese, fruit, and wine. Thanks to Erin W. for gifting the class to me after she moved from the city and to Ivie Joy and Ling for hosting a fun class in their beautiful studio.

I have always been a plant lover but it wasn't until my last summer in Denver that I dabbled in floral arranging (I worked in floral at the Whole Foods in Cherry Creek and then transferred to the Chelsea store here in NYC). I was extremely intimidated, but thought, how hard could it really be? Well, it is far more challenging than you would assume. There are many clever tricks and tips on how to make flowers look natural and elegant at the same time. Also, each and every type of flower has it's own quirks and special instructions for manipulation.

Here in the city, it's impossible to not notice all of the flower shops on every corner, by every bodega. The variety and quality are decent, albeit pricey (like everything else in the city, big surprise) but I am forever inspired to play more and create new arrangements each week to brighten up our apartment. I mean let's be honest, who doesn't like fresh flowers?

By the way, I'm curious what your favorite flowers are? I love the simple, wild look of a bunch of Thistle or Sunflowers, but I like the soft, sweetness of Ranuculas or Peonies.


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