October 05, 2011

{Friday Night Dinner} Shrimp and Grits

Luke and I don't really do "date" nights or celebrate anniversaries, but we did start a new tradition of special Friday night dinners at home. I really enjoy grocery shopping (weird but true), and we both love cooking and creating fancy dinners for half the price of eating out, so it's win-win all around. 

I kicked off the first one with this amazing recipe that I had made once before back in Colorado. This meal is hearty, spicy, and extremely rich. There is so much going on in every bite. You get smooth, tangy, Citrus Buerre Blanc with thick and creamy, smoked-cheese grits, and spicy bbq sauce smothering mushrooms, tender shrimp and chewy bacon. Oh man, it's a belly-buster and so, so good. I used smoked Gouda instead of smoked white Cheddar and I didn't smoke the mushrooms, I sauteed them in a pan. I also substituted the Abita Amber beer with a cup of BudLight and I completely omitted the grilled green onions.

Have you ever made a Citrus Buerre Blanc, or any other french sauce for that matter? I felt a little like Julia Child making mine. Not that hard, but don't tell anyone how much butter is in there!

Fact: Before Luke and I were officially dating, he invited me over for a filet mignon dinner. Every bite was heaven and after watching Luke slave away for hours, literally (he is notorious for taking his sweet time cooking) he had won me over. I guess the key to my heart is through my stomach, ha!

I hope to continue this series of Friday Night Dinners and have a few more lined up for the coming weeks.


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Megan said...

uhm. do you think that would hold up in shipping to scotland? maybe.

gosh i need some american cooking.

aka your cooking.

stumbled upon your blog.

Im a west coast girl (CA) but my bff lives in NYC so can we still be friends?