October 12, 2011

{Friday Night Dinner} Siu Mai

Luke gifted me a bamboo steamer back in Colorado and we finally got around to using it for some homemade dim sum! You may already know of my undying love for dumplings previously mentioned here. We made Siu Mai from this recipe and Luke concocted some homemade egg drop soup (his favorite) from scratch (impressive). 

The dumplings were surprisingly effortless to make and took no time at all, truly. We will use more shrimp (or all shrimp) instead of so much pork next time, but otherwise they were a success. Perfect little parcels of goodness! I even loved eating the tender, cooked cabbage "beds" that the dumplings were steamed on.
We used soy sauce and spicy hot chili oil as our dips.


Can I tell you something?
I may have suggested turning the heat up (even more) for the boiling water and...
it may have gotten too hot under that last batch of dumplings and...
the water may have boiled down to nothing and...
we may have had to throw away the wok because of the burnt, blackened bottom. Eek!

I'd like to think I'm a genius in the kitchen, but it turns out I'm more of a culinary terror sometimes.



angela said...

this all looks delish! and "oh no!" about your wok, but everyone has their bouts of culinary terror, i think. you're not alone. ;)

Kait H. said...

oh my goodness this made me soo hungry!
what is that brothy soup!? that looks amazing! i'm gonna need recipes for all of this stuff! :) looks like such a fun/tasty night!
loved this post!

Fashion Cappuccino said...

They look super delicious! I always buy them from the store because I thought they would be hard to make at home! xoxoxoo