October 25, 2011

Old Ebbitt Grill

even though I hate the color hunter green, i'm a sucker for tufted velvet

oat-crusted salmon, sauteed spinach and bacon-colcannon

After our bus finally pulled into DC from NYC (we left NYC @ 4:30 on the Friday of Columbus weekend and arrived around 10pm), we stepped out of Union Station with our luggage and saw the Capitol building glowing softly in the darkness. A nice, simple first impression and we were thrilled to be staying just 2 blocks away!

We checked into the hotel with haste and made a beeline (on foot) for Old Ebbitt Grill. A classic establishment and quintessential Washington, DC institution. Thank you for the recommendation Robert and Sarah! (Kansas friends who lived in DC for years and now reside in Australia)

When we sat down, it was close to 11pm and man were we famished. I mean, we're used to eating like New Yorkers now at 8 or 9pm, but 11?? Holy cow! I had a very hard time deciding on what to order because the menu had loads of local, seasonal fish and produce available and everything sounded amazing. Luckily, they serve the full dinner menu until 2am, so we had crab dip for starters (WOW), and Luke had baked Maine Haddock and I, the oat-crusted Salmon. Both meals were scrumptious and we really enjoyed the atmosphere and service. Also, the restaurant is HUGE, so it was nice to be in such vastness vs. tight and cramped NYC spaces.

When midnight struck, we turned into old bumpkins and grabbed a cab back to the hotel for a good night sleep. Our first impression of DC was awesome and made us excited for the coming days. Did I mention that the forecast was to be in the 70's and sunny all weekend?


Nicky said...

Gorgeous soft-lit shot ;)
Happy Sunday!!!

Pure Ella said...

Looks good ;)
boy, we need a night out ;D lol