October 07, 2011


Back in July, Luke and I were strolling all over Brooklyn in hopes of finding an apartment there, when we stumbled upon this place.

A great open concept, which every beer hall should have. It reminded me a little of Munich's HofbrÀuhaus, minus the polka band and frilly waitress outfits.

The bathroom sink was unisex and had a pedal underneath to pump the water. I loved the steam-punk look.

Can you imagine sitting by this fire in the winter and drinking a hot toddy?

FYI: The little kid in the stroller had his legs crossed and was playing with an iPad

When I snapped this shot of Luke coming out of the building, I didn't even notice the table of old men waving, HA.


angie on maui said...

I swear, NY has THE coolest places to eat...such variety and so many places to choose from! I wish we had places like this out here, but no such luck. :-\

I am especially jealous that you get to see all the wonderful Fall foliage and then experience a white Christmas in NY. I seriously miss the change of seasons and especially NYC during the Holidays...I want to visit again but The Hubs is not a fan. Sounds like another girl-trip is in store for me, then! :)

Happy Monday! xoxo

Dawn said...

This place is crazy cool. My husband and I need to come to NYC again around Christmas. It was so fun last year we stayed at the Edison on Time Square. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo