November 27, 2011

Baja Fiesta

Every year before the Holiday frenzy, Luke's family heads to Mexico. I had the privilege of going to Cancun last year, which was nothing short of amazing. This year, I was fortunate (and beyond grateful) to be included again on a trip to Cabo, which was equally incredible.
Warning: I took over 900 pictures. Here are just a "few".


View from patio

Elevator to the ocean

Amazing breakfast at Vina del Mar. I was a good girl and ate fruits and veggies. Okay, and some pain au chocolat.

I envy the lucky-ducks in Cali that own places with views like this.

Besides my hilarious brother, these Pech boys sure know how to entertain! Never a dull moment.

Dinner at SalsitaS cocina y cantina in the historic district of San Jose del Cabo

Garlic shrimp and garlic rice

Flan custard, mmm

Tequila Lounge

the Ladies room, obviously

Tequila by the firepit

Sadly mistaken to find that this was not an elaborate sandcastle, but a rock formation.

Lace top from Anthropologie, straw bag from J.Crew, denim cutoffs from AE in High School! 

"Into Thin Air"
An icy read for such a tropical vacation.

Just a few beach "snacks" to hold us over until dinner.

A new (hungry) friend

Getting ready for dinner at the Peninsula Restaurant


Amazing salad with Ginger-Miso dressing

Salmon Tartare with cucumber jelly

Spicy miso soup with toasted sesame croutons and tofu

Garlic shrimp with soba and seafoam mousse

Grilled tuna with tempura veggies, cucumber pearls and seafoam mousse

Almond cake with chocolate truffles

Sunrise from our balcony

Dinner at Esperanza

Beet Salad
Lion paw scallop roll
Seafood Tortilla Soup
Shrimp and Crab Dumplings
Lime and Green Apple Pie

We enjoyed yet another night by the firepit, puffing on my Maraya Churchill cigar.

Snacking on some chips and salsa as we head out into the Sea of Cortez on a sunset sailboat cruise.

The Arch

Poor Luke. Motion sickness hits him pretty hard. Thank goodness they had some Dramamine on hand.

I took about 200 pictures of this group of 4 whales that we "chased" for a good half an hour. Such a cool experience. I've never seen anything like it! It baffles me to think that these enormous creatures even exist.

How cool is this pirate ship?! The boat itself is 126 years old and the little square sail at the top is original!

Don't you just feel like this is a scene out of Neverland?

A nice surprise of sushi served towards the end of cruise back to the harbor.

Last sunrise

Alex, Coleen, Kent, Mason, Luke, and me

Adios, Baja!


Terri said...

WOW! Cabo looks amazing, Ang! So jealous!! Sounds like you guys had a great trip - as usual! (And you and Luke are still just too cute...) :)

angela said...

WOW! i want to definitely make a similar tradition once i start my own family. this looks so fun and dreamy and geez, that food looks so good.

Pure Ella said...

Oh WOW this is amazing!!!
I love every pic and my draw dropped at the each photo of the food.... This is so awesome ~ I wanna go too ;)

Pure Ella said...

sorry meant to say 'jaw' lol
my words didn't even form properly after this craziness!!!
You guys are spoiled silly!
I love your lace top also ;)
*big hugs*

ps. YES come to Canada ;D
(but it's a little colder here now than in Mexico ;P)

Ross said...

This place looks absolutely amazing! I was wanting to surprise my wife with a trip to Mexico. Would you mind contacting me with info on where you stayed!