November 23, 2011


So it's no secret that my dad is a police officer back home and is also a retired military police officer. He has owned different types of guns my entire life (under lock and key, mind you) I've always been rather weary of them as a result. Also, most of my family members are in, or have previously been in the military/air force/coast guard/national guard and have learned to shoot machine guns and throw grenades and lord knows what else. Growing up around farm kids who went hunting all the time intrigued me, but I was too chicken to learn. I never took hunter safety since I didn't think I could actually kill an animal without some sort of depressing shame. Fast forward to present day in NYC and an almost 30 year old me. You could say it was on my "bucket list" to try at least once in my life.
Welcome to the rifle class at Westside Rifle & Pistol Range sponsored by UrbanGirlSquad.

I felt like I was training for the Hunger Games!

We each got a box of 50 bullets and 3 magazines to load. Each magazine only holds 5 bullets at a time.

I was seriously grinning form ear to ear after my first round. I made 14/15 shots in the bullseye! My adrenaline was pumping, but I felt surprisingly at ease and was able to control my breathing and not throw off my aim.

Susan from Missouri and me, aka "Kansas" to the rest of the girls. We were the best ones in a class of 24. After each round, they moved our targets further and further out, and we both stayed consistent! Funny how the 2 women from the midwest had the best aim.

All photos courtesy of Bryan Sargent


Dawn said...

Have I told you how awesome you are? Excuse me if I didn't. You look great, you are just great! This post is so cool and I love your fishtail braid too...don't think I didn't notice it. Dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Anonymous said...

Thats unreal! It's a good thing to know how to use these guys and to be taught to use them safely. They are dangerous, but they are a great tool. .22 was a good starting point.....!

Terri said...

LOVE this, Ang! You are SO awesome and always do the coolest things! Not surprised at all you were such a good shot!! :)