November 09, 2011

Dirty Reflections

After a lovely morning at Eastern Market and getting kicked out of the Air and Space Museum, we continued being dutiful tourists. We briefly popped into the American History Museum and drooled over Julia Child's cookware and cutlery. I couldn't help it after reading the books and watching the movie. Who knew someone's kitchen in a museum would be something I'd get all ga-ga over in my late 20's? Afterwards, we just walked and walked and walked.

Washington Monument

World War II Memorial
I think we saw maybe 100 planes coming and going throughout the day (for real). Luke was loving it!

Constitution Gardens Pond

I can't stress enough how gorgeous the weather turned out!

Lincoln Memorial


Reflecting Pool
Ummm, something's missing here, no?

Not so much the reflection I was hoping for. I guess like all beautiful things, it requires a bit of maintenance from time to time.

After an entire day of power-touring, we grabbed a cab back to the hotel for some freshening up before dinner (we had wandered 4 miles away and were seriously pooped).

Next up, dinner of course!

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Terri said...

Oh no! Sucks you didn't get to see the 'reflection' you were hoping for. But everything else sounds like it turned out great! Your pics are awesome - love the ones of you and Luke by your states (even though you're not really from CO - I know you love it)! :)