November 01, 2011

Eastern Market

Luke and I woke up Saturday morning (refreshed from our bus travel) and walked from the hotel over to 7th Street for some breakfast and browsing.

We ran into Naomi and Eleanor from the Rockstar Diaries right here by the magic carpets. She's so stylish!
should've got a picture with them

Does anyone else get really psyched up when they see produce?! All the vibrant hues and textures make me coo like a baby. I can't wait for the day when I finally own a HUGE garden for herbs, flowers, and veggies.

Pearl Oyster mushrooms

Korean food!

We stood in this reeeaaalllllly looooooong line (over an hour) for the breakfast below: a huge, fluffy infamous "blue buck" (blueberry buckwheat pancake), green chili-cheese grits, eggs, Luke's AMAZING crabcake, perfect potato homefries, and the most INCREDIBLE crabcake benedict I have ever consumed.

When we saw the styrofoam plates and plastic silverware we were skeptical of the quality, but the meal entirely surpassed our expectations. Nom nom nom nom

We met this guy and his wife in line. She made the shirt for him because she's always taking pictures and putting them on her blog. Hmmm, sounds familiar!

Luckily, we got through the line before they stopped serving breakfast.


If I lived in DC, I'd stop by here (early) every weekend for breakfast and grocery shopping :) Stocking up on produce (and eating) thrills me to no end. I should have been a farmer!


jenn from midlife modern said...

Isn't it so funny and weird to run into bloggers in real life? I've read Stephanie Klein's blog for years and when I saw her in a grocery store in Austin it was like I had just seen Madonna or something. In blog land, Rockstar Diaries is a pretty good sighting!

And yes--I get just as geeked out seeing fresh vegetables as I do other bloggers:)

Terri said...

Should have been a farmer? You should come back to Kansas for that! ;) Love the pics of this cool market! Looks like you and Luke had a great trip to DC!