November 24, 2011

Feast in the city

As you can see, Mugsy didn't care about football, he just wanted to check out the scene on the street.

Last year we went to the Macy's Parade and had a wonderful time. This year, we decided to have friends over and watch the festivities in the comfort of our place. Along with the Packers game, go Jordy! Jess made cinnamon rolls to start us off and we washed them down with some Stumptown Hairbender espresso (gifted to us from our friends/couchsurfers, Mary and Joel, while we were away in Mexico) in the french press. A great way to start the day and to hold us over until the feast.

Dave and Jess brought over an all Natural turkey that they had dry-brined with salt for 3 days. Aka, the Judy Bird.

Popples investigated all smells, meanwhile getting her lovely fur everywhere.

Men at work.

Sneak peek. The Judy bird is looking good!

Mugsy was hard at work napping after Jess and I took him for a beautiful walk in Central Park.

The spread.

Challah rolls and homemade biscuits made by Jess, Dave's homemade stuffing with Kielbasa, the beautiful Judy Bird, Luke's secret mashed tators and classic green bean casserole.

My roasted brussel sprouts and ginger glazed carrots.

Classic cranberry sauce straight from the can! Tastes like childhood. Luke also got some orange cranberry sauce from Whole Foods (thanks for doing all the shopping while I was at work!)

Ready to tackle the carving!

I should mention that Dave was up at 5am making the turkey gravy and stuffing. A collaborative effort on everyone's part, but he really put in the most effort! We greatly appreciated it and couldn't believe how amazing EVEYRTHING tasted. Oh man.

Jess, Mugsy, and Dave
(our roommates from last year)

Check out Luke's beard for No-Shave November. Love it!

Already passed out from his feast.

Dave and Jess made homemade Dixie pie (pecan pie with chocolate) and we had a Pumpkin pie from Whole Foods with a shot of Port wine on the side. We proceeded to watch last week's Saturday Night Live with Jason Segel and Florence + The Machine. All recliners were fully kicked out and mini-comas ensued!



Unknown said...

Good lookin' eats! Miss you dudes.

Terri said...

Just now getting caught up on your blog! And holy cow - what a feast you had for Thanksgiving! That all looks so amazing! (And I miss that Mugsy!!)

two birds said...

ok, i think i need your dog! so snuggly!!!