November 04, 2011

{Friday Night Dinner} Portland Maine Lobster

Luke's parents were in town last weekend and we went out to eat dined like kings instead of cooking a Friday night dinner at home. SO, I wanted to share a worthy meal I had almost forgotten about. Back towards the end of the summer, (before we moved to our new apartment) our roommate Dave and his girlfriend Jess brought a cooler of live lobsters back from Portland, Maine! They had been up that way for a music festival and it was the perfect excuse to buy some fresh, East coast seafood.

Poor little crustacean! He had no idea what was coming. Or maybe he did? How sad.

Dave and Jess in our old apartment on 77th

Luke whipped up his secret mashed potatoes and roasted some asparagus, while Dave boiled and broiled the lobsters to perfection. Seriously the best lobster I've ever had! So sweet and succulent. Thanks Dave!


Tales of a young mamma said...

Those mashed potatoes look heavenly. Secret recipe you say? Any way to trick/bribe it out of him? And your hair is ridiculously gorgeous- seriously. Jealous. Of your hair and mashed poatoes

Pure Ella said...

Ok you guys just stop it!!!!
This looks ridiculously amazing!!!!!!