November 25, 2011


There are MANY things that I have to be grateful for and here are a few:

Dear Luke-
Thank you for being the most hilarious and ridiculously cute guy I know, who doesn't mind spending his days with a picture taking freak that has the worst composure when hungry. Your green eyes are wickedly handsome and your constant ability to make me laugh is priceless. I ♥ you!

Dear Popples-
Thank you for enjoying my hair bands as toys. If it weren't for those, I don't think you would have ever accepted me. Thank you for being so adorable and soft and snuggly (even though you are a complete monster to everyone else)

Dear Family-
Thank you for letting me be a wandering gypsy and for not stomping out my dreams. It is a great comfort to know and say that I have a place to call home and people to call me daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, niece, great-niece and grand-daughter. Much ♥

Dear Friends-
Thank you for enriching my life with much diversity and total acceptance. I've morphed a lot over the last 10 years and those that have stuck around are tried and true. Those I've picked up along the way are rare gems and I'm so lucky to have stumbled upon you. Thanks for having me!

Dear Organic Farmers-
Thank you for your passion to mind what we put into our bodies for nourishment and what we put back into the earth for the future. I appreciate it more than you know and my body can tell the difference in it's performance from your bountiful produce.

Dear Non-Profiteers-
Thank you for working so hard to help people/animals who can't really help themselves and for allowing the unfortunate to have opportunities in life, as they deserve. Your charitable efforts are applauded and I fully support you!

Dear Colorado-
Thank you for being so utterly beautiful and exceeding my expectations of how one's life can be lived, simply and playfully. I will always be a "granola" and can't wait to get back to you someday. ♥

Dear New York City-
Thank you for your assistance with my assertiveness and in helping me become a more confident person. I still dislike many things about you (not sorry) but have gained an enormous amount of respect for your ability to inspire and to produce such creative and successful folks that literally change the world.

Dear Blog-
Thank you for being such a creative outlet for me and my ridiculous obsession with photography and exploring. Also, for introducing me to like-minded strangers who inspire me on a daily basis.

Dear Me-
Thank you for your endless, childlike curiosity and hunger for life's experiences. Don't ever change!


Nicky said...

LOVE this. Happy thanksgiving (a couple days late), hope it was full of thee most delicious foods and love, and super full bellies! :D That's the point right?! xo

Terri said...

This is so cool, Ang! What a good idea!! :)