November 04, 2011

We got kicked out of the Air and Space Museum

Luke's main priority on our trip to DC was to visit the Air and Space Museum (there are 2 different locations: 1 in the city and 1 out by the airport) We hit up the one at the National Mall after our morning at Eastern Market. The first thing we did was buy tickets to ride a flight simulator. We were kind of bummed after the experience because it was:
a) too short (only 3 minutes, felt like 20 seconds)
b) really hard (we sucked at navigating and my fired shots didn't hit anything)
c) flips you all around and upside down making me want to barf
d) a family and a couple cut in front of us while waiting in line (not cool)

Wandering around was pretty interesting though. So much history in flight and space navigation! It's amazing to me how much has been accomplished and discovered in the course of 100 years. 

We had only been there for about 45 minutes when the loud speaker came on announcing that the Museum would be closing in 5 minutes. It was like 3:05, and we were very confused since they are usually open until 5:00. Everyone was looking around and wondering why they would just close without much warning.

So we started heading down the stairs and we saw that John Glenn was in the house! (wow, very cool) This is as close to him as anyone could get. he's on the left in the suit. So we were thinking, "Oh, that's so cool they would shut down the museum just for him and his family or friends." But then, we realized that outside were tons of protestors and a lot of commotion.

The loudspeaker came on again, urgently asking everyone to evacuate the premises immediately. Unbeknownst to us, this was happening outside!

A protestor getting arrested
I kind of felt ashamed taking her picture

Everyone was like, "Um, did that just happen?"
Only in DC, right?!

Poor Luke. His time at the Museum was not adequate enough, so we will have to come back and try again. Just like when we were in San Fran on Alcatraz and this happened!

We'll be back Air and Space Museum, we'll be back.

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