December 29, 2011

Christmas in the city

via Luke's iPhone
 We enjoyed a wonderful, lazy morning listening to Luke's Christmas playlist and eating a delicious brunch.
Received phone calls from our families and texts from friends. 
Were spoiled with generous gifts from family, friends, and each other.
Ended the night with a brisk jaunt around the neighborhood.
Had another lovely Christmas in New York City with my favorite person on the planet.
 You can see our first Christmas in NYC from last year here and here.

Stringing real cranberries and popcorn garlands for the tree (my mom)
Opening a present on Christmas Eve (my fam)
Breakfast burrito buffet (Luke's fam)
Stone Crab feast for dinner (Luke's fam)

Eating Korean BBQ on Christmas Eve

Popples got new bowls for Christmas (she has been using a pot for a water dish!)

She wolfed down her breakfast and promptly threw up from too much excitement. Twice. Poor thing!

I love that she feels invisible when partially covered with paper.
Behind her are 3 'playstations' : The Jersey Shore house, Morrocan Hookah Lounge, and her Colorado stump from Forest Room 5 (my favorite bar in Denver)

Tested out the new french press Luke gifted me with fresh ground coffee beans that my friend Terri brought back from Ethiopia. So smooth and creamy.

New hat made by my friend Terri's sister-in-law, Christa
I started feeling under the weather and loaded up on liquids to try and nip it before it progressed.
Coffee. Tea. Water. Mimosas. Eh...

Luke (sporting one of his new t-shirts) cooked up some chorizo and potato hash for our breakfast burrito buffet with Santiago's green chili (he ordered 4 tubs of the stuff from Denver!)

Spicy and satisfying, washed down with blood orange mimosas.

From Luke, to hang above our bed (and will match our gray and lavender room)

Popples also got this fun, crinkly tunnel (which we will have to put away at night, or we'll never get sleep)

Hmm, where's Popples?

Our once a year, cold seafood dinner with Stone Crab delivered from Islamorada, FL.

Luke also made sugar cookies with peppermint white chocolate kisses.

via Luke's iPhone
We popped outside for a bit of fresh air and got to see the sunset over the reservoir in Central Park.

via Luke's iPhone
Luke always goes above and beyond to spoil me every year, so here was my meager attempt at trying to spoil him a little.
This awesome print (now sold out) Did you know he's a fanatic?
For imbibing, a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label (his favorite) and some Angostura Bitters with an amazing new cocktail book from our favorite speakeasy
For my drummer and his audio engineering days

Speaking of pickling, I received a very special envelope from my Great Uncle Al with the secret recipes for his pickled watermelon rinds, citrus rinds, and peppers. I have always wanted to have family recipes and will treasure these forever. I can't wait for Luke and I to make our own batches!

My favorite thing we did for Christmas, was choosing to sponsor a child in Ethiopia through Children's Hope Chest. Not having kids of my own yet and feeling blessed beyond belief, I was inspired by my friend Terri (who just got back from visiting the orphanages in Ethiopia) to share my love with someone that desperately needs it. Having worked with refugee students myself, I know that having someone to encourage and inspire is so impactful. We will correspond through letters, email, and pictures, but I'd really love to go there in person eventually.

I hope you and yours have enjoyed the holidays!


Mom said...

What wonderful new Christmas memories! Love you!

Unknown said...

Looks like you had great Christmas and I think it's wonderful that you're sponsoring a child!

Happy New Year!