December 01, 2011

{Friday Night Dinner} Homemade Sushi

I love making sushi at home. All the prep work is actually kind of fun. I enjoy going to the fishmonger at Chelsea Market and getting the freshest Yellowtail tuna, then hitting up Han Ah Reum (the asian grocer in Koreatown) for essentials like wasabi and pickled ginger. Back at home, it's julienning the cucumber, slicing the avocado, and tearing up the crab.
We had Dave and Jess over recently and they brought a bottle of the smoothest sake I've ever tasted. Every time I finished making a roll, we all took a shot. We also had beer chasers and Luke drank some Johnny Walker Black Label, but let's get to the sushi, shall we?


removing the fatty skin from the BBQ eel

avocado and roe

a true labor of love. always keep your hands wet and use the thinnest, sharpest knife you've got. plastic wrap is a godsend and use a no-fail recipe for the rice.
practice, practice, practice!

Japanese Seaweed salad
 boiled and buttered edamame with Japanese 7-Spice
Yellowtail sushi pieces
2 California rolls with roe (crab, cucumber and avocado)
4 Unagi Dragon rolls (eel and avocado with eel sauce)
3 salmon rolls baked in spicy sauce (mayo and Sriracha) 
pickled ginger and wasabi

my lovely sous chef

Mugsy came over, too!

Dove chocolate-tinis for dessert that tasted like drinking vodka pudding.

a little vinyl listening to aid the digestion process
(i still can't get over luke's beard. i think it suits him well)



Pure Ella said...

I'm about 80% vegan and the other 20 is reserved for fish which I'm so glad about. I love Sushi and we haven't made it for years ;)

You guys did an amazing feast! xo

Nicky said...

DANG that looks ah-mazing!!! You never cease to amaze me with your fantastic culinary taste (and ability!). We have a cute little sake set that I always think of brining out but never do for some reason... sure enjoy it at our local sushi place though :D Happy Saturday!

Dawn said...

Angie, I am tryin to arrange a trip to New York City on the 17th of December which is an annual trip that I make with some family and friend, casual outing, for lunch at Fred's. Upper West Side, 476 Amsterdam Ave. Would love to meet you and Luke. Even if it is just for lunch. I will let you know. ok now on to this impressive dinner, amazing Angie! I love Sushi, my husband and I try to find the best local places to enjoy it. You are so talented and cultured, i amd quite impressed with your knowledge and skills girl. I am kinda whimpy with Sushi as my favorite is the Cali. roll but I will do a shot of Saki anytime...especially if it is smooth. Let me know and I will be back in touch. dawn suitcase vignettes xo

Sarah Hartley said...

Looks like a really great spread! I love the album covers on the wall in the last pic! I heart Ray and Mumford & Sons. I'm a new follower :) Stop by my blog some time and say hi, and follow back if you're interested.

Tales of a young mamma said...

Id totally try sushi if you were the one making it for me :)