January 13, 2012

Sunday Funday {video} and a contest! (closed)

We always enjoy going to Brooklyn, so we headed to Williamsburg this past Sunday. Long story short, but Luke ended up chasing down a mugger and things got a bit crazy for the first few minutes we were there. All was well in the end (after a few arrests!) and we threw back some Brooklyn Lagers and shared a delicious Porchetta sandwich at the brewery. We then proceeded to browse our favorite shops on Bedford with a quick stop through Soho before heading home. (Isn't it crazy how much walking we do and how much time is spent down in the subway?)

There is one slow motion scene in this video and the first person to best describe what exactly it is you're seeing, will receive a little something from us here in NYC. Leave a comment here on the blog (facebook does not count) describing what you think it is and we will announce the winner on Tuesday. Good luck and have a wonderful weekend!

***The winner is...Terri! You'll be receiving a little something from us soon :) The slowmotion part was towards the end of the video where you can see the old City Hall Station on the subway. The station's history is fascinating! It opened in 1904 and closed in 1945, so the only way to see it today, is by staying on the 6 train downtown bound (even when they say it's the last stop) curving around and back uptown. When we first moved here, we never knew it existed or that people were allowed to stay on the train to see it. Thanks to everyone who played along! My mom was close in thinking it might be near the World Trade Center area. We'll try and do another interesting contest soon.


Terri said...

I am LOVING this new camera! It's lik you're a movie star! Favorite part of the whole video: you dancing in the empty subway!

These are SO cool! Keep them coming! :)

Terri said...

OH - and the slow motion part... Did you stay on the 6 after the Brooklyn Bridge stop and see the old City Hall Station!? I'm so jealous! I want to do that!! :)

(And I don't win if I'm right...I was just there and we talked about it so it's like cheating, ha!)

Minted Magazine said...

Don't know! But loving your blog all the same!

Minted Magazine


Tales of a young mamma said...

Is it when Luke's videotaping looking out the window of the subway towards the end? Otherwise I think I missed the slow motion! Looks like SUCH a fun day!! I'm jealous of your 'city living' Denver doesn't really count!

angela said...

it IS wild how much time is spent on subways while in nyc! glad to hear luke is ok after all that craziness in brooklyn. love the ending with you two relaxing with popples.

is that like one of the abandoned subway station exits? i have no idea.

everlasting light! such a soft spot for that song since it's the soundtrack to our short 8mm wedding video. :)

Donna said...

I'm seeing Luke's reflection with his camera. LOL Looks like a tunnel, I can't read what it says. I'll take a guess, anywhere close to the WTC?

Nicky said...

RAD!!!! I love this video and the fish eye lookin' lense. So there were a bunch of slow down areas... the one that stood out at first was by the brooklyn wall art- looked like trashbags? hahah that couldn't have been it. Brushcetta slow down? or Luke's lense on the subway?? :D I loved the part with you guys eating and the dancing in the subway!
So when are you coming back to California and where will you be? We should meet up for lunch or dinner :D

Nicky said...

NO WAY! Congrats on the Anthro job!!! I worked there for 3 years after my little one was born. It wasn't to earn money, but just to get out of the house and for that sweet 40% off!!! Once I got into the nursing program, there was a whole semester where I didn't work at all, and other times it would be as much as twice a week to once a month. They were awesome! The time finally came when it just didn't make sense for them to have me on payroll anymore and were hurting for money in this new location. I told em when that day came (which I knew it inevitably would (hello?? who works once a month?) that I would thank them for a fun ride :D And I did! My brother and sister were absolutely ecstatic over the Urban Outfitters discount! Awww I kinda miss it...Have fun!

Dawn said...

Angie, I apologize for not commenting on this video. I watched it when you first posted it. I guess I thought I did. Sorry darling. I loved it! Congrats to the winner! You must be loving the warm weather in the city...me too here in SJ. Have a great week. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

Pure Ella said...

I love these videos you guys do!
Is this some crazy pro camera?

Tales of a young mamma said...

how are you lady?

Nicky said...

Where have you gone Angela??? Hope you are well :D