March 08, 2016

curry coconut steamed mussels

this weekend, i took a trip down to florida for a girlfriend's bachelorette get together. it was fabulous! we rented a home with a pool out back under a lanai, but what we all enjoyed the most was the fabulous kitchen island. we only ate out once for brunch, otherwise we were in the kitchen cooking every night and enjoying it immensely. 

pictured here is one of the appetizers we collaborated on. steamed mussels in a coconut broth with red curry paste, garlic and cilantro. i had always been a little intimidated by mussels and clams, but after making them for the first time, they could not be more simple to cook.

you can recreate this dish at home with a similar recipe. it is fast and fresh, but not fussy and has a wonderful depth of flavor. just don't forget to grab a baguette for mopping up the broth at the end!



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