March 17, 2016

german chocolate birthday cake


when your friend and current neighbor (who was also your childhood neighbor growing up) has a birthday and his boyfriend asks if you would bake his favorite birthday cake because it would be too suspicious if he makes it considering they are housemates, you say, ABSOLUTELY!

then you sweat a little bit and have a mild panic attack as you realize you have never once baked a cake that wasn't from a box. but thou shalt triumph! this cake must be made from scratch and somehow it must look pretty, even though german chocolate cake has the ugliest colored frosting full of chunks.

so i used this fabulous recipe from google for both the cake mix and frosting. i unearthed the two round, 9 inch cake pans from our wedding registry. then washed the dust off of my cake stand from building 19 (which closed for business) that has been sitting unused for over 3 years! although this one is on my wishlist to add to my collection.

it turned out incredibly moist and perfectly chocolatey. the frosting was just the right amount of sweet and chunky. not pictured is the dash of rainbow sprinkles that i threw on top at the last minute. i then braved the rain and ran the cake, uncovered, across the street and up the back stairway to bruce and phil's house. it was a hit! yay!

happy birthday, bruce!

do you have a birthday coming up? 🎉 what's your favorite cake? 🎂 i'm up for the challenge! 💪🏼


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