January 01, 2017

goodbye 2016 and welcome 2017!

🎉 H A P P Y  N E W  Y E A R!!!

i'm welcoming 2017 with open arms and am especially looking forward to meeting our little dumpling #babypech this spring. 

there are great habits and lifestyle changes i've made over the past few years that i'm determined to continue. after digging deep into our bathroom and kitchen, i've replaced our cleaning and body products so that we aren't using anything that contains toxins or harmful ingredients linked to health issues. i still love making smoothies and fresh juice most days and our membership at the ymca has been a lot of fun. even if we don't "work out" all the time, we love taking walks and exploring as much as possible, locally or elsewhere. overall we eat a diet of mostly vegetables and fruit and have incorporated more beans (pulses) into our routine, but we certainly don't deprive ourselves of anything (meat, junk food, etc). being pregnant the last half of 2016 has definitely been good motivation to improve my overall health in general. your body is most definitely a temple, so treat it well! i never ever want to take my health for granted.

i want to continue practicing the piano and ukulele this year. playing music just makes me so happy! it's thrilling to me that some simple notes on a page can translate into a beautiful feeling or memory, it's extremely satisfying.

i'm determined to have less "stuff". i've always been a bit of a sentimental hoarder, collecting receipts and business cards, plane tickets and maps and menus from my travels and saving every single birthday and christmas card i receive. in the end, the clutter of it all just becomes too much! i've consolidated immensley and only kept the very special tokens and reminders of certain people and experiences. i've also donated a few car loads of clothes and miscellaneous things to goodwill which feels amazing. the timing couldn't be better considering the anticipation of our new addition, as i'd rather have fewer "things" to deal with while adjusting to having a newborn! 

the biggest challenge for me lately is living more intentionally. i used to be so good at sending all my friends and loved ones cards or letters or thoughtful gifts and photos. i've been careless lately with my sentiments. my intentions are still good, but most often the moments pass by, compliments go unsaid and packages never get sent. i then feel incredibly guilty about it. i really miss those acts of kindness and thoughtfulness. showing the people that i love and care about how much they truly mean to me is very important and a high priority this year. especially considering the state of affairs around the world and in our own backyard. more love, more kindness and more compassion are in dire need these days!

what are your hopes and dreams? your ambitions and intentions? whether you make resolutions or not, or just simple goals for yourself on the daily, do share them (out loud or online) and i hope we can all keep each other motivated and inspired! 👊🏼


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