January 06, 2017

the pech fam is moving again!

tote bag by piccolini NYC

the pechs are moving back to NYC! 🍎 i never thought i'd be saying this, but we are thrilled even though the timing is a little bit crazy. luke was offered an amazing promotion that was just too good to pass up and it didn't take more than 24 hrs before we decided, yes, absolutely, lets do this.

when we first moved to NYC almost 7 years ago, we were so naive and brand new to everything the city had to offer. we were still dating and it was definitely the most challenging, yet magical time in our relationship. the city changed us in many ways and ever since we left, we have missed the food and the energy and all of the amazing opportunities there. it truly is a place where anything is possible.

it's bittersweet to be leaving Boston since so many great things happened for us here. we've been in the same spacious apartment for the last 4.5 years and have really enjoyed exploring new england. we got engaged, we got married, we started a creative business, and now we're expecting our little dumpling!

currently, we're vacationing down south in the low country for our baby-moon, but as soon as we get back, we head to the city to apartment hunt. so if you know of any great brokers or 2 bedroom apartments available, let us know asap. we'd like to be settled before #babypech makes his debut. fingers crossed! also, any recs for great midwives/doulas/pediatricians would be greatly appreciated as well.

we can't wait to share our second grand adventure living in the big apple and all that's to come in this very exciting new chapter of our lives!


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