March 12, 2019


In two weeks, Jude will be two years old. I'm still trying to wrap my head around that and the fact that he will no longer be a 'baby', but officially a thriving toddler. 

This magical photoshoot was taken two springs ago when he was two months old, in Riverside Park on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. At the time, I could barely squeeze into this skirt with my still-new-to-me post-pregnancy body (it was so tight that I had to leave the zipper undone in the back, hence the last minute long duster I threw on over to hide it) Poor Jude's face was breaking out and peeling like crazy and I remember worrying how it would look in the photos. We took an Uber from Brooklyn and it was about a 45 minute ride. Our session was 20 minutes and Jude fussed a little bit, but was overall a champ! I had never booked newborn photos so this was our first experience and being that it was outside proved to be very calming. There was a simple cloth backdrop with sweet lilac branches hanging above and a basket filled to the brim with peonies, not to mention, the park cooperated beautifully with freshly fallen cherry blossom petals everywhere. So dreamy! Many thanks to Stephanie who was so sweet and patient and quick with the camera to capture Jude and I, and to Mari for having such a beautiful eye and making necessary adjustments so we looked and felt comfortable and natural. I'd love to make this a tradition every year!

Have you done a similar session with your baby and what was your experience like? 
Link it below, I'd love to see!

PHOTOGRAPHY by Stephanie Sunderland
STYLING by Mari Spiker 


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